Computer Animation – Online Career Preparation Choices

Computer generated animations are used in a variety of mediums such as Internet websites, video games, and movies. Students that have a passion for computer technology and drawing can complete an online program in computer animation. Many schools provide students with the needed skills to step into a career.

Training can be pursued at the available associate’s, bachelors, and master’s degree level of education. Degree programs break down the computer technology used within the industry to prepare them for animation careers. Students can expect to first learn the basic foundation of pen to paper sketching as well as the technological side of the industry. A variety of programs can be entered online. อนิเมะออนไลน์  Students can choose to gain an educational degree in computer animation, animation, and digital design. These three highly related areas give students the chance to study multimedia design and animation concepts from their own home.

An associate’s degree program provides students with the skills to use computer software to generate 2-D and 3-D animations. Education will typically begin with traditional drawing techniques and then introduce students to the digital side of the field. Training covers the use of storytelling to help capture specific imagery used to generate animation. Possible career paths available for associate’s degree holders may include:

  • Visual Effects Artists
  • Computer Game Designers

Illustration procedures, sculpting techniques, modeling concepts, and more are specific topics that students work through at the associate’s degree level to prepare for a career.